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Party size Bonbons Chocolate Cake

for 20 party people
  • layers of chcolate cake​
  • layers of chocolate ganache
  • ganche and chocolate balls

Bonbons Chocolate Cake

for 10 party people
  • layers chcolate cake
  • layers chocolate ganache
  • ganache and chocolate balls

עוגת דבש וארל גריי

  עוגת דבש קלאסית על בסיס ארל גריי וקינמון מצרכים: 4 ביצים בטמפרטורת החדר קורט מלח 3/4 כוס סוכר חום כהה 2/3 כוס דבש 1

לחמניות בריוש עם נוטלה

לחמניות בריוש במילוי נוטלה מצרכים: 30 גרם שמרים טריים 100 מ”ל חלב 3 ביצים בטמפ’ החדר 500 גרם קמח 80 גרם סוכר 10 גרם מלח

What’s more fun than a pampering brunch box
as a gift for you or your loved ones?
The package includes my soft and delicious pretzels, a variety of cheeses,
fresh vegetables and fruit, cookies, brownies, savory and sweet pastries. 

The easiest and sweetest way to make your loved ones happy.
Send them a delicious gift box that will make them happy.

Refreshment Box suitable for any celebration, from a business meeting in the office to a birthday with the whole family

After 10 years of baking in the most prestigious kitchens and bakeries in the israel, I opened a bakery that is all about the  celebrations of the little joys of life.
I believe that food can excite,
and fill the stomach and heart at the same time.

And that every happy moment is an opportunity for celebration, with the people you love and with a cake.

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