A little about Bodoni's

Bodoni's is a Pastry shop and bakery to celebrate your most magical and special moments.
Most cakes and boxes can also be ordered in vegan and gluten-free versions

The Kitchen is located in Givatayim.
You can receive self-collection orders by prior arrangement or order delivery to your home / office in the Sharon and Central area.

A little about me
My name is Danielle Bodoni and I am the baker and owner of Bodoni's.
After 10 years of baking in the most prestigious kitchens and bakeries in the israel,
(Claro, Cafe Italia, Bar A Vin, Reviva and Celia, Nola American Bakery, Haifa Sinta Bar)
I opened a bakery that is all about the  celebrations of the little joys of life.

I believe that food can excite, and fill the stomach and heart at the same time,
And that every happy moment is an opportunity for celebration, with the people you love and with a cake.
For me cake is not just another dessert, It is the center of the celebration that gathers your loved ones around.

This is a magical moment, with light and fire, where it's okay to close your eyes, Make a wish and blow off the candles. 
It's moment of dreams, happiness, sugar and sprinkles

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